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Sole Classics

I am back and better then ever! I took a brief hiatus from my fashion work with Thread due to our newly timed spring break vacation. I don’t know about all of you thread heads but the first think I want to get when spring rolls around is a fresh new pair of kicks. Fashion starts from your feet and if you make sure all ten of your toes are fully equipped with dapper shoes then you’re off to a great start. This week’s installment will be focused on a shoe spot off High Street of which I have briefly mentioned in the past but not given its proper attention.

            SOLE CLASSICS is a small shoe boutique located directly next to my previously mentioned dapper dandy Milk Bar. Sole Classics doesn’t carry your average running shoe or air max’s but instead focuses on a product that will set you apart from all the other sneaker heads. Vintage and rare shoes are hard to come by in Ohio but Sole Classics holds it down. Their product variation ranges from the coveted Nike Roshe running shoe, (worn by team USA bball) all mesh air max’s and Scottie Pippen’s basketball shoe from the 90’s. If you want your feet to make a statement make sure you get your kicks from Sole Classics.

            Although the shoes are the main attraction Classics also carries various other items to help compliment your wardrobe. With a unique blend of high-end street wear brands such as; Billionaire Boys Club, Stussy, and The Hundreds, Sole Classics is able to dress your properly from head to toe. Glasses and watches can also be found in the shop, Ray Bans, Supers, G-Shock and Fossil are amongst the items carried in that regard.
            The owner of the shop supports local clothing brands and local talent heavily, which is awesome. Every couple months the Sole Classics shop will be used for MC spin sessions and rap listening parties. They will also hold clothing release parties for local clothing companies such as “Kings Rowe” and “Smirk Clothing”.

Sole Classics is huge part of the Columbus fashion image so make sure you check it out before this spring.

Here are a few looks at Sole Classics and the parties they sometimes host.

Check them out on Twitter: @SoleClassics 


Address: 765 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone:(614) 299-2290
Transit: N High St & Buttles Ave

HOMAGE Short North

Another week with thread and I remain equally excited with each week’s main attraction. This week I introduce the thread-heads to “Homage”, which turns back the clocks using old fashioned and well-known sports personalities to enhance the appeal of their already comfortable fabric. I have consistently stressed the importance of comfort in fashion, when you are comfortable you are confident, which makes whatever you are wearing more desirable to others.  Homage is well known for their T-shirts however I have noticed their beanies, sweaters, sweats and jewelry all over Columbus.  Homage uses iconic figures such as Larry Bird, Chuck Norris and Michael Jordan to preserve the old school, while adding their own legacy. 

This is an extremely popular company for buckeye fans as most of their clothing revolves around Buckeye colors and former players. I have some cool photos of both of their locations in Columbus and will include two articles in my weekly top 5 clothing pictures. This week will conclude my dressed down approach to dapper, next week I will switch my focus to the higher end of fashion. 

Homage has two locations now, the original and very very cool store located on High Street, and now an additional location at Easton Town Center. I hope you enjoy the photos below and make sure you check out Homage!

Cuddi in Homage

Five Dapper Internet Pick’s


A Homage Tee in light of this weeks look into the rising columbus based company! You cant tell from the picture but these are some of the most relaxed fabric shirts I have seen.  This shirt in particular makes a reference to an old game for Nintendo 64 called “NBA JAMZ”. Only 28$


Another item from Homage…..this time paying “homage” ;-) to our lovely school Ohio University. The comfort continues with their crew neck sweaters, I personally own this gem and guarantee it becomes one of your most reliable fashion pieces. I like to wear expensive jeans and shoes with this casual sweater to make my outfit more unique.


Not cheap but defiantly sweet. I have a pair of Red Wings and really need start taking better care of them. A very commonly worn boot brand for celebrities like Drake, Davide Beckham and more. These are found in a list of great boots at


Another look at This time I bring a simple but highly effective product to the table. Cardigans are awesome and the colors of this one in particular allow you to be fun with the other pieces of your outfit.


Spring is coming quicker then you may realize. A simple pair of airmax’s may not seem very dapper but this colo scheme will for sure stand out and get you a few head nods from the sneaker-heads.

I bring to all my thread followers another installment of quality dapper fashion in the Columbus area. This week I introduce a lovely store, High Street Denim. I have recently emphasized the smaller aspects of compiling a dapper look such as haircuts, shoes and more. This week I draw attention to jeans and the importance of good denim. Jeans are my personal favorite articles of clothing and I am one pair away from calling it a hobby.  Good denim can be hard to come by at your average mall but if you venture down to the Columbus fashion strip on High Street your lucky may change. My first week discussed some popular men’s jeans brands that can be found on high street but if you stop into High Street Denim in particular some unique Japanese style brands may attract your interest. Below are some photos of the establishment and my weekly top 5 online deals!

I dont have many pictures available for this weeks location due to their current website maintenance issues. Instead however I have posted a few looks that are very “do-able” and of course Dapper.


1. Jack Spade slim chinos. These are a little pricy but well worth the ticket. You can wear these out for fun or to the office, they leave a wide range of diversity available for your shoe choice as well. Join #teamPants today! $175.00

2. ( These are a pair of my favorite jeans, with a fit i find near perfect. NUDIES are the future of good denim and are hard to find locally. Order them here and you will forever understand my obsession with this brand. $215.00


3. J.C. Rags two tone blazer. This is another growing personal favorite brand. A good blazer is increasingly important especially as some of us graduate college :). Yes this is an expensive item but it will be a life long addition to your closet.

4. ( derby shoe with different color bottoms. This will help diversify your office attire. Walking to work and walking to class requires a slightly different shoe. 

5. The producer eyeglasses. These are an exacta replica of a style Johnny Depp made popular a few years ago. It has an old school fram style and can really enhance your sophisticated dapper look. Only 100 dollars.

Old Familiar Barber Shop

Welcome back Thread Heads! I come to you this week with an important ingredient to fashion success. Although dapper is essentially formulated around clothing, shoes and accessories it does not end there. A good way to enhance your appearance is your hair; enough is enough with the buzz cuts! I understand it is the easiest and cheapest way to maintain your mane, however if you stop into Old Familiar Barbershop you can find yourself leaving with a new improved look.

That takes us to 116 Parsons Avenue, Columbus Ohio. There you will find Kenji Prince and Josh Wilbur two of the most original and dapper barbers in Columbus. I am just now getting familiar with their abilities to cut and have been more then pleased. I have a healthy group of friends whom refuse to get their haircuts from any other barbershop; I am beginning to feel the same way.

What sets Old Familiar Barbershop apart from the others?

Many barbershops today tend to lack the intimacy and passion that is needed to master the perfect haircut. Josh and Kenji genuinely care for their customers and that combined with their old school barber skills makes for an original experience. The old-school feel to the shop makes for a great experience rivaled by none in the Columbus area. The barbers have a good relationship with last weeks special guest The Milk Bar. Together they are two key pieces in what is turning into a very dapper Columbus downtown area. Below is a very cool video that gives you a feel for the shop and some of the haircuts they are capable of creating!



·  Services Offered


    • Men’s Haircut 15
      Back of neck and around ears shave included
    • Single Blade Buzz 10
    • Straight Razor Shave 20
      Hot towels, Hot Lather, Moisturizer, Aftershave 
    • Shampoo and Tonic 5
    • Hangover Cure Shave Deluxe 35
      Hot Towels, Hot Lather, Rolling Cream Facial, Witch Hazel Steam, Moisturizer, Aftershave. French Press Coffee
    • Legal Marriage Ceremony 40-100
      Licensed in State of Ohio
      (must have marriage license with you)
    • Beard Trim 7, with Haircut 5

    •  Dirty Jokes are Free

<iframe src=”” width=”500” height=”281” frameborder=”0” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href=””>Photo Shoot w/ 47” Octabox</a> from <a href=””>Ely Brothers</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Hot Online

TOP 5 DAPPER Online Choices


1.   Revolve

A Penny-stock crew neck sweater. On sale this very new and slick brand often finds its items in the $100+ mark. This good fabric for that price is a steal. Make sure you check out the site for other dope stuff.


2.  Revolve

These Scotch & Soda Ralston Slim Jeans are on sale for $111.00. This is a slim fit brand of jeans with a rapidly growing popularity. Sizes are running out quick so don’t be shy!!




Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Knicks Royal Orange come in sizes 7.5-16. WOW… these are seriously fresh. Everyone walking around in non-retro Jordans will be jealous if you cop these at a very doable price.




Now is the perfect time to get a jacket!! Many prices are going down and has tons of cool outerwear on sale. This leather one in particular is impressive.



These shoes are very highly in demand right now. KithNYC has limited edition sneakers boots that are, at times, exclusively sold on their site! Peep this saught-after  footwear  before it’s gone!!


I will be kicking off my time with Thread with a special in-depth look into one of my favorite clothing boutiques in Columbus, Milk Bar. Milk Bar is part of the small fashion strop on high street that often gets overlooked. Many of these other little clothing spots I will look into in the future. Milk Bar in specifically is my go to spot for good denim. Once you put away American Eagle and Hollister jeans for your first pair of APC’s or Nudies life will never be the same. Below is a look into some of the jeans they carry plus some visuals of the boutique!!

Milk Bar has been tweeting all week about their trips to New York looking into new brands and styles for their spring collection!! You can follow them on Twitter and Tumblr below!!


Address: 765 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone:(614) 754-8802
Hours: Mon-Fri hours 11:00 am–8:00 pm  - Sat- 11:00 am- 5:00 pm

Welcome Thread heads!! My name is Josh Prosser and I will be spending my Sunday’s giving you in-depth looks into my personal fashion style I call “Dapper”. Each blog post will give my viewers places across Ohio that will allow you to broaden your style, these places will often hold high end denim, unique styles, designers and exclusive release shoes. I will provide my weekly top 5 online deals as well so feel free to check out the websites I use to create your own personal style!

What is Dapper?

Every once in a while fashion trends swing back around to the past. Dapper traces the evolution of style by blending the classy and tailored look from the 1950’s and 60’s with skinny jeans, Air Jordan’s, Ray Ban’s and many other more modern trends. Comfort and class is the key, the combinations of style are endless and the variations in look and fit allow you to go about style your own way.

My inspirations for this look is a mixture between the style depicted on TV series such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire and Kid Cudi/Pharell. I know these two style combinations seem miles apart but that is what Dapper is all about, borrowing from trends to create your own style.